What our staff have to say

“ Together with a team it is my job to develop web applications for the management of data and customer files at an important customer’s place of business. Apart... „
Yves - Java Developer
“ As a Support Engineer, me and my Service Desk colleagues are the initial point of contact for our customers in terms of IT support. I handle everyday questions... „
Mathias - Support Engineer
“ My job consists of identifying and developing business opportunities for our managed staffing activities. Managed Staffing means that Cheops supplies its... „
Laura - Business Development Manager
“ As Talent Manager, me and my team are primarily responsible for finding and recruiting support and system engineers for our managed staffing activities. In... „
Evelyne - Talent Manager
“ As a System Engineer I am in charge of the day-to-day management of our customers’ systems, such as mail systems, the network and the virtualised server... „
Ken - System Engineer
“ At the moment I am operating as a support engineer on-site at a major Cheops customer, where I work with the IT team to provide support to the commercial and... „
Sohayel - Support Engineer
“ As a network engineer, I handle network maintenance and roll out major ICT projects for an important customer. I know all about switches, wireless connections... „
Philippe - Network Engineer
“ In my role I am in charge of the daily coordination, management and optimization of our Managed Services and ServiceDesk department. These teams consist of Level... „
Paul - Managed Services Team lead